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Alternative HQ is for the busy, the bloggers, creatives + business owners..

Here you will find simple ideas for;

Self care.

You’re busy juggling raising a family, a job, or both, and making time to follow passions and start your projects. Burn out is inevitable and I believe it is one of the main reasons people quit on their goals.

Here you will find plenty of tips to avoid burn out and overwhelm.


We are all chasing this one thing.. time. No matter what we do there never seems to be enough in the day so we need to put systems in place to help us out and stop chasing our tails.

Those systems will be different for each individual but here is a good place to find ways to get more out of the time you put in.

Goal setting and planning.

We all want to feel like we aren’t fumbling around in the dark, and to do that we need to stop. focus. and plan in little bite sized pieces! 

Here you’ll get some tips on setting goals and achieving them, and how to make a plan that works.

I am here to help you get unstuck.

I know how you feel because that has been me MANY of times, and I have read all. the. tips.

I’ll tell you all I know + I hope you enjoy reading!

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