aweber alternative

Aweber Alternative

Is there a better auto-responder worth looking at?

Launched two decades ago, Aweber is one of the most well-known and much-respected names at the table of email marketing solutions. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can manage email databases and forward customized HTML newsletters in a swift and professional manner. Thanks to its simplicity, excellent customer support, and impressive email deliverability, Aweber is widely utilized by a plethora of beginners and seasoned digital marketers alike. Not only that, but this autoresponder features comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to enable tracking subscribers’ actions and gauging marketing campaign metrics.

aweber alternative
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On the other hand, Aweber is not without drawbacks. The inability to meet users’ demand for new all-around functions and underwhelming updates have significantly undermined its position in the market. Perhaps you, too, have realized that the current functionality is just not quite able to satisfy your digital marketing needs. If you are seeking an Aweber alternative, this post reveals a powerful autoresponder that covers all the bases.

What is Wrong with Aweber?

If you are a novice in digital marketing and you don’t have to solve complex marketing tasks, Aweber might still be a solid option. However, if you want to keep every aspect of your campaigns under control and wish to easily fine-tune email templates at your discretion, you will definitely demand more than Aweber can offer. Along with insufficient functionality, the email provider suffers from other drawbacks that might hinder your ability to maximize your marketing potential.

Aweber Cons:

  • Aweber is not the cheapest email provider around, especially if you manage a large database.
  • Many of its templates have outdated designs.
  • Automatic triggers are limited only to a subscription to a list or tag application.
  • You are not able to utilize the built-in drag-and-drop email constructor for the RSS to email templates.
  • Many users have reported about a bug in the edit panel that makes it shift around the screen when tweaking newsletter templates.
  • You are not able to add or remove multiple segments simultaneously while editing newsletters.
  • The delivery is a bit slow, especially for certain advanced themes. You may even run into crashes.
  • Aweber charges for unsubscribed users and duplicate subscribers found on multiple lists.

As you can see, there are a multitude of reasons to switch from Aweber to something more modern, versatile, and multifunctional. Don’t settle for less when you can have everything Aweber offers and much more into the bargain. Without further ado, we introduce the best alternative to Aweber in 2019 – SmartEngage.

Our Choice for Overall Best Autoresponder

SmartEngage Review and Features

SmartEngage is more than an autoresponder. In fact, it is a unique solution to deliver your messages across multiple platforms including email, Facebook chat bots, and push notifications. Thanks to the cross-channel embrace, most clients see a phenomenal 80% boost in subscription lists. Reaching your target audience and gaining new leads has never been easier with SmartEngage and its automated solutions.

So what does SmartEngage have in store that puts it in a league of its own? The following review highlights its main features and benefits.

Cross-Channel Sequences

SmartEngage makes it possible to create custom rules and sequences based on triggers and user’s actions. You can customize them as your heart desires. Once you have fine-tuned your sequences, you can sit back and relax because SmartEngage will take care of the marketing aspect of your business on its own.

Thanks to extensive yet easy-to-use “If/Or” triggers and conditionals, you are able to toggle the settings and choose which messages to send, when, and to which users. With SmartEngage, you are capable of managing email newsletters, Facebook Messenger and Push notifications from a single control panel.

Not only does SmartEngage benefit you in establishing inter-channel interaction but also helps keep track of purchases made by your clients. In addition, it will calculate the Lifetime value (LTV) of each particular customer.

  • Three platforms-in-one;
  • “If” and “Then” conditionals and behavior triggers;
  • Purchase tracking;
  • LTV for every client.

Lead Magnets

SmartEngage delivers Lead Magnets to aid you in building a subscriber database in a jiffy and effortless fashion. You can incorporate call to action elements for landing pages, email newsletters, push notifications, as well as Facebook messengers. That said, SmartEngage harvests information without forcing subscribers to fill in too many fields. Whether you employ Mobile Mailer or Facebook Lead Ad, the application will automatically capture users name, last name, and a verified email address. As soon as this contact information is received, SmartEngage will independently add a subscriber’s email to the list and provide it with a pre-selected tag.

The software is as easy and effective when it comes to Facebook comment reply automation. All you have to do is specify a post the autoresponder should be applied to, and SmartEngage will reply on your behalf to each comment left by users. Moreover, after that, users engaged in the conversation will be added to the subscriber list.

  • Opt-in Forms;
  • Mobile Mailer technology;
  • Facebook Lead Ads;
  • Facebook Comment Autoreply;
  • Automated subscriber lists.

Subscriber Profiles

Not only does SmartEngage collect users’ contact information but also permits digital marketers to obtain data revealing the value of each subscriber. Profiles compiled based on social media accounts contain data regarding the number of users’ followers. It helps to define influencer subscribers and customize your newsletters for them accordingly. If an email address is received from other sources, SmartEngage will automatically complement the profile with a user’s first and last name to make newsletters more personalized.

Along with that, you can track the interaction of recipients with your emails. SmartEngage provides statistics concerning delivered, viewed, and clicked e-mails, opened landing pages, and other indicators.

  • Subscription profiles retrieved via email newsletters, Facebook messenger, and push notifications;
  • Stats on every user;
  • Automatic social intelligence;
  • Subscribers’ journeys.

Email Marketing

SmartEngage allows resolving various tasks within the frames of email marketing. While at the first stage it obtains contact information from users, it further verifies its worthiness. By employing the SmartClean algorithm, you can screen out useless emails, i.e. which contain typos, have signs of spam traps, bots, or role accounts.

No email service provider is effective if it’s incapable of delivering your messages to recipients or if they end up in the spam box. Fortunately, SmartEngage was able to avoid mistakes made by its counterparts. It takes pride in unparalleled deliverability and inbox rate. The software lends convenient statistics that display the number of sent emails, the share and the number of received ones, the percentage of open newsletters, Click to open rate, as well as average earning including earning per click and per open.

If your subscribers have not opened your messages for some time, you can try to grab their attention once again by sending a newsletter with an alternative subject line. If this does not help either, SmartEngage will try to command recipients’ interest by sending your message through another platform.

  • A/B testing;
  • Smart broadcasts;
  • Smart Clean technology;
  • Event-triggered automated emails;
  • Extensive Reports and Analytics;
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor;
  • Responsive Templates.

Facebook Chatbots

Live communication with potential customers requires a lot of time and resources. SmartEngage provides a simple solution to establish contact with Facebook users without the need to send messages manually. The aforementioned sequences, triggers, and custom fields turn segmentation and lead nurturing into a walk in the park.

As for the bot construction and configuration, SmartEngage has one of the most intuitive, easy to use, and convenient interfaces we have ever seen. You do not have to resort to professional programmers to give your bot a commanding and natural behavior. With the drag-and-drop editor, you can add text, images, galleries, cards, video and audio files and much more in mere seconds.

  • Segmentation;
  • Canned response
  • Geo targeting
  • Third party integration
  • Drag-and-Drop chatbot editor

Push Notifications

Push Notifications has been among the most influential digital marketing trends for a while but only a handful of marketing tools allow employing them to the max. Whenever you add a new post, update products, or arrange a sale, you can let your users know about it courtesy of push notifications.

On top of that, SmartEngage permits forwarding messages when your visitors open certain pages or manifest particular behavior.

  • Event-triggered push notifications;
  • Behavior-based triggers;


As an experienced marketer, you probably use a bunch of software to keep the business running and monitor your performance. With SmartEngage on board, you are able to reduce the number of third-party apps to a minimum. However, you might still want to continue using some of the tools and if so, it is vital to integrate those with SmartEngage. Currently, you can team up SmartEngage with Zapier, Kajabi, Stripe, PayPal, Sales Force, Shopify, and many others. Please note that this function is not available with the free membership.

Customer Support

Since SmartEngage packs an unbelievable number of features, it may seem overwhelming at first glance. Fortunately, the first impressions can be deceptive. Developers have provided detailed step-by-step Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base, and FAQs so you can quickly comprehend all the available features and easily pull off digital marketing. If something remains unclear or you run into an issue, a competent online support is in place. You may also make use of phone support if you require immediate assistance or just enjoy the “personal touch”.


Another good thing about SmartEngage is that you can test it out absolutely at no charge. You can do it in two ways. First of all, it provides a Free subscription plan suitable for private entrepreneurs and small businesses that handle subscription databases of up to 100 emails. With this plan, you will get the most useful functions such as Facebook messenger bots, advanced automation, push notifications, conversion and LTV tracking. The downside is that this package doesn’t include full functionality. You will miss out the 3rd party integration, mobile mailer, Facebook lead ads, page comments, etc.

The other way to familiarize with SmartEngage is to make use of its 14-day trial period that is available through the Basic and Pro tariffs. If you opt for this option, you’ll benefit from every single bell and whistle SmartEngage has under the hood.

If you are ready for a commitment, SmartEngage will be your all-in-one marketing tool for as low as $40 per month. All available plans are as follows:

Basic (up to 2500 subscribers) –    $40/ month (charged annually);

  • $47/ month (charged monthly).

Pro (up to 5500 subscribers)    –    $83 / month (charged annually);

  • $97 month (charged monthly)

If your subscription list exceeds 5500 emails, you can ask for a custom quote and get a service that meets your needs to a T.

Bottom Line

SmartEngage is more than another autoresponder tool. It is revolutionary software that accommodates an email service provider, push notifications, and Facebook chat bot under one roof. SmartEngage boasts powerful functionality that makes the lives of digital marketers easier. Having it under your fingertips, you can set up intelligent triggers and conditions in order to automatically send predefined messages and simplify the process of interaction with your clients. With SmartEngage, you will notice a boost of subscribers in no time.


*Outstanding value for money
*Cross-channel autoresponder
*Great reviews
*Built in Lead Magnets for email, Facebook, and push
*Outstanding inbox rate
*Smart Clean technology handles worthless emails
*Facebook Ads integration for Lead Ads or Messenger bots
*Beautiful reports and tracking


*Slight learning curve

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by Dylon on SmartEngage
SmartEngage Tops them all

I've used countless autoresponders over the years in my online business and SmartEngage is by far my favorite. The ability to finally do real cross-channel automation is unlike anything else I have ever done. I currently run Facebook ads into my messenger bot that I built with SmartEngage. I then have an extensive sequence mixed with emails, Facebook messages, and web push notifications that I can clearly track and see that my sales have increased 8x since making the switch. Best autoresponder on the planet!


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