How To Be A Morning Person And Hack Your Mindset

How To Be A Morning Person And Hack Your Mindset

How to be a morning person and set your day up the right way

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There are all sorts of good things said about waking up early.

How many mornings have you spent dragging yourself out of bed to your alarm, and rushing from the word go? Starting the day with stress, likely means your day won’t go too well either.

Not only does being a morning person get the day off to a good start, waking up early means you get more time to get stuff done, and also gives you more time to yourself.

If you are looking for ways you can become a morning person, you’ll need to make changes to your mindset.

You do not need to start waking up at 4am to be a morning person, if you want to make changes successfully then start small by waking up 15 minutes earlier, then 30 minutes earlier…

It can be easy to stay motivated to be a morning person for a short while, but it’s making it stick that takes a bit of determination. Luckily, it is something that can be learnt and if you continue to do it every day, your will no longer have to dig deep for motivation as it will already be there.

How To Be A Morning Person And Hack Your Mindset

Negative habits

I think we can agree that we have all hit the snooze button? There might be some negative habits that you should stop to allow you to be morning person.

It can seem when you first wake up that you haven’t had enough sleep but your body needs that time to adjust and prepare itself to get moving. Going back to sleep means you will wake up feeling more disorientated and fuzzy headed.

It’s important to keep in mind, if you don’t like waking up the first time, you won’t the second or third either…

If you automatically reach for your phone when you wake to check social media, you are starting your day with your head already filled with other peoples lives and sometimes negative stories. You’ll be a better morning person if you have a clear head and can focus on yourself.

Make a list

When developing good habits that you will stick to, it is important to know why you are doing it in the first place. Why do you want to become a morning person? What will it allow you to achieve and how will it make you feel? Make a list that you can read to give you motivation for waking up early.

To get yourself in the right positive mindset to be a morning person it would be helpful to have routines.

How To Be A Morning Person And Hack Your Mindset

Your morning routine

Your morning routine can consist of anything you wish and can be any length of time. It is time that is set aside for you to take care of yourself and do something for you.

However, you shouldn’t just set up a morning routine because someone tells you you should, or to copy someone else’s. It is a personal thing and has many benefits.

For example, your reason for having a morning routine might be because you are stressed and unorganised in the day. Starting your routine with a morning checklist every day will help you feel prepared and that stress will go away. Maybe you want to feel happier, so you’ll start a journal and other self care acts.

Once you start developing a good morning routine and feel those benefits, becoming a morning person will be easier because you will look forward to that time and it will become normal to you.

Read this post to start creating your own positive morning routine.

Your evening routine

An obvious point, but it’s impossible to be a morning person if you have not given your body (and mind) enough time to rest. Like myself, you probably have 101 things to squeeze into your evening, but making sure you are getting restful sleep is vital to your health and well-being (just as much as healthy eating and working out!).

Getting into a good mindset can start the night before;

  • Write down any negative thoughts in a journal
  • Try meditation and deep breathing to clear your mind
  • Express gratitude for the day and look forward to a restful nights sleep
  • Burn lavender oil in a burner to calm yourself

Physically, there are things you can do to help you get a restful nights sleep and wake up easier;

Eat light

We are not actually designed to eat heavy meals in the evening, although society places emphasis on our evening meal being our main meal. Our body and digestive system starts to slow down as the day goes on, so eating a heavy meal will affect this process. It also means you go to sleep with it sitting in your digestive track making you feel sluggish in the morning.

Create a good sleep environment

If you do find it hard to drift off, here are a few things that might help; turn your phone off at least an hour before bed and use an alarm clock instead. Do something that you find relaxing like having a bath. Make sure your room is the right temperature and drink a hot drink before bed.

De-clutter your morning

Are you finding your mornings rushed and stressful but you don’t want to wake up super early to get things done? You might need to de-clutter your morning. Start preparing the night before so you have more time to play with the next day.

For example, prepare a healthy breakfast like overnight oats or chopped fruit for a fruit salad. Make sure you have everything you need to walk out the door in the morning. Get your clothes ready, and maybe make your checklist for the day in the evening instead.

All of these things should get you into a better mindset to wake up early and actually enjoy being a morning person. Don’t worry if you carry on snoozing your alarm, or you feel you need to make changes to the time you wake up – just stick at it. Your routine is yours and becoming a morning person should be something that makes your life better and a positive experience.

How To Be A Morning Person And Hack Your Mindset

Q: What would you like to have more time to do in the morning?

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