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ClickFunnels Alternatives – Ultimate Guide

Business owners and entrepreneurs across a range of sectors will be familiar with ClickFunnels and what it can help with when it comes to your online digital marketing. When you are running a business or launching a new product; it is vital that you have a well-focused sales funnel in order for you to succeed. Tools such as Click Funnels or other alternatives can help with this effortlessly.

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What is


ClickFunnels is an online platform that allows business owners to easily set up a series of web pages that are known as funnels. These pages have a specific and obvious call to action for the website visitor and are often essential for an online marketing strategy. Whatever goal you have for your web visitors, this web page builder can help to achieve this, and in turn, secure you more business and return customers.

Whether your goal is to get visitors to enter their email address and sign up to your newsletter, or purchase a product directly on your website, will design web pages to encourage this. These web pages will be very simple and straightforward, with a limited amount of information so as not to overload the visitor, followed by a specific call to action.

In many cases, there is more than one action that you want your customers to make on your website, and this is where the sales funnel comes in. CF can create different funnel types that are designed specifically to your business and your goals. Developing these various online funnels is really easy, and no design skills are needed, as the process is a simple drag and drop. There is also a range of templates already built that you can begin using straight away, as well as various other digital features.

Why Choose a Click Funnels Alternative?

This is certainly an excellent and popular tool for creating an easy website and online sales funnel, but it certainly isn’t the only service of its kind or even the best for that matter. This software is clearly a well-known option however, there is a wealth of other alternatives that offer the same great features of and more.

One of the biggest drawbacks of CF is the hefty price tag that comes with it. A simple basic account with no added extras costs $97 a month, but the plan they really try to push you into costs a whopping $297 per month. If your budget is not excessive, then the cost could easily to be too much to swallow. As well as being expensive, ClickFunnels can often be too much for small businesses that don’t need all the features on offer.

So, if you’re looking for the benefits of this popular software, but without the price tag, what should you look for?

The Top 3 ClickFunnels Alternatives For 2021

There is a vast array of these different choices available to businesses of all shapes and sizes, each with their own features, benefits and drawbacks. The Top 3 alternatives for this software in 2021 are:


credit: convertri logo

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers are choosing Convertri for their website building and online sales funnels, and it is clear to see why. They focus on offering faster sales funnels and an easy to use system that can be mastered by anyone. Convertri provides a few features that are above and beyond those of ClickFunnels, making it an excellent alternative. Some of Convertri’s key features include:


Speed is one of the most important aspects of any website and having a good site speed can increase conversion rates and help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). One of Convertri’s biggest benefits is its high-speed pages on both desktop and mobile devices. The accelerated pages offer some of the fastest landing pages on the web, which in turn leads to increased sales and conversions and more satisfied customers.

Intuitive Funnel Planner

One of the most significant benefits Convertri has over Click Funnels is its Funnel Planner tool. This is a great visual tool for designing an entire sales funnel easily, helping you plan out everything from opt-ins to checkouts. There is no limit to linear flows or need to draw up your sales funnel on a whiteboard before you begin building. The easy click and drag arrows allow you to connect pages within your sales funnel effortlessly.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Convertri prides themselves on having a super easy page builder that can be mastered by anyone within minutes. The page editor gives you complete freedom to create any page design you can think of, without the constraints of columns and rows. The drag and drop page builder is sleek and simple to use and allows you to place any element, anywhere on the page. Compared to the block builder style on CF and many other sales funnel builders.


The price of a product is one of the key deciding factors when choosing a sales funnel tool. While you should look at a sales funnel as an investment into your business that will generate a return, there is no need to be paying over the odds. ClickFunnels is known for being a pricey product, and Convertri offers a more reasonable price range that depends on the number of impressions your site receives. Convertri also provides the chance to use the sales funnel tool on a free trial, so you can try before you buy.

The annual cost for the same features on will set you back $1,164. However, Convertri will cost just $297 for more features over the same period! 


credit: leadpages logo

Leadpages is another strong contender in the landing page solutions market and was one of the first solutions available to businesses. As they have been around so long, Leadpages have had the chance to upgrade, reform and fine-tune their product, making it a popular choice for many.

It has slightly more focus on landing pages than sales funnels compared with both ClickFunnels and Convertri, but there is still the function to create funnels within Leadpages. Leadpages key features include:


Leadpages has a fairly extensive template library available for users to choose from, making it quick and easy to build simple landing pages from pre-made designs. There are over 130 different templates to choose from, and then also the choice to purchase other templates online should you wish.

If there are no templates to suit your website, you can create your own in the page editor.

Advanced and Basic Editors

Leadpages offer two different landing page editors suited to users with different website creation experience. There is a basic edition designed to suit those with little or no knowledge in building and creating web pages, and then an advanced edition which offers more customisation and freedom to edit the page as you please.


There are three different pricing options to choose from with Leadpages. Standard, Pro and Advanced options are available, and the prices vary depending on which you prefer. The basic option is a fairly cheap choice ($25 a month for Standard, $48 a month for Pro and $199 a month for Advanced) compared with many other sales funnel and landing page builders, making it a popular option for small businesses.

10 Minute Funnels

For those looking for an easy website builder and sales funnel creator, 10 Minute Funnels is a popular option as it is designed specifically for that purpose. As the name suggests, it focuses on a quick and easy process for creating sales funnels and landing pages. 10 Minute Funnels main features include:

Unlimited Sales Funnel Builder

10 Minute Funnels offer a sales funnel builder that means you can create a complete sales funnel in just a matter of minutes. There is no limit on the number of different pages you can create in your website or funnel, and their sales funnel builder allows you to link up all your upsells, downsells, thank you pages, opt-in pages and webinar pages effortlessly.

Drag and Drop Builder

When you choose 10 Minute Funnels, there is no need for any technical skills or website building experience. The easy to use drag and drop page builder is simple and instantly integrates your pages with no hassle. The builder is slightly limited compared with that of Convertri, as there is less freedom to design the page exactly as you wish.


Unlike many other sales funnel builders, 10 Minute Funnels doesn’t offer a free trial. However, you can try their system for 14 days for just $1. After this trial, you can choose from either their Premium or Enterprise plans, which vary in price. The overall cost of 10 Minute Funnels is more than some of the other alternatives available, but the number of features can make it worthwhile.

Are There Any ClickFunnels Alternatives That Are Free?

Any alternative to ClickFunnels will have some pricing associated with it, and it is important to remember that a sales funnel and landing page building tool is an investment for your business.

Making an easy process for your customers to purchase your products and services will increase conversion and ultimately make your business more revenue over time, so a sales funnel tool is almost always worth paying out for.

The majority of ClickFunnels alternatives, such as Convertri or Leadpages, offer some form of free trial period. This means you can try out the features of the tool and get to grips with how it works before committing to using it for your website visitors.

What About Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives?

ClickFunnels is one of the more expensive options for sales funnel building tools, partly because of its popularity and well-known name. There are a number of alternatives available that are cheaper than ClickFunnels and offer the same, or sometimes even better, features and services.

What Is The Best ClickFunnels Alternative?

There are a vast number of web-page building choices available to business owners and entrepreneurs, and with all aspects considered, Convertri comes out on top. Convertri’s primary focus is high-speed web pages that will increase conversion and are simple to create, and they achieve this perfectly.

One of the key advantages is the true free form drag and drop page builder which allows you to place elements anywhere you like, unlike the block builder styles used on and many other alternatives. Convertri is also one of the cheaper options, while still offering an excellent return on your investment through high-converting, fast sales funnels.

In summary, ClickFunnels is a useful tool for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for an easy to use sales funnel and landing page builder. However, there are some more impressive alternatives to consider.

If you are looking for a straightforward, flexible and high-speed option for sales funnels and landing pages, that won’t break the bank but still offer an excellent conversion rate, then Convertri is for you. We recommend making it even more powerful by pairing it with SmartEngage which you can read more about in our Aweber Alternative article here.

As most ClickFunnels alternatives, including Convertri, provide a free trial period, you can try out various tools to see which works best for you and your business.

How does Convertri stack up side by side? See for yourself below

Convertri Pros & Cons Comparison Chart


There are 2 main pricing models they currently offer. $97/mo and $297/mo.

Although it isn't mandatory it is advised that you should have your own domain name to ensure you have a strong brand image for your marketing efforts.

Depending on your plan type it will either be $97 per month or $297 per month.

They have a 14 day free trial that you can start with upon signing up.

Of course. There are many examples of people making tons of money using ClickFunnels or even other page builders such as Convertri.

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Convertri Is WAY Faster

I switched from ClickFunnels to Convertri about 6 months ago and haven't looked back since. It's faster, more powerful, and easier to use.


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  • ClickFunnels is very expensive. Up to $300 a month expensive. Ouch. The minimum subscription is 99$.
    Do you need a program that manages your site’s digital marketing campaign? Yes. Do you need to spend thousands on it? No.
    The good news: ClickFunnels isn’t the only option anymore. As you say in your article, there are plenty of excellent alternatives that can manage your digital marketing just as well as ClickFunnels, and some of them do it for one-fifth of the price. No, I’m not exaggerating.
    ClickFunnels was the first site to manage, well, click funnels (they even coined the name). It’s an excellent program, but, in our opinion, they’re charging too much. No one needs another $300 bill in the mail at the end of the month.
    Luckily, ClickFunnels’ inflated price opens up an opportunity for smaller companies to offer the same services for a lower price.The option you go with will ultimately depend on your specific needs.

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