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Protecting one’s brand name has become of paramount importance over the last few years. More popularly known as reputation management, the idea is that a business or person protects their brand image by creating a network of social websites themed in the image they wish to portray. In other words, register your brand name on these social properties before someone else does in order to “game” the system and create negative content about you or your business.

That’s where certain services have been created in effort to show you where you can register your brand name on various social sites. This is something where you don’t ‘want to delay on because it’s strictly a first come, first serve situation where you will certainly want to reserve your brand name on these sites before someone else does in an attempt to be misleading, or outright malicious.

This article will discuss the popular service KnowEM for this process, but provide some alternatives as well; and more importantly a new clear winner that we feel is head and shoulders above these other services now.

Lets get started…

📑 KnowEM Alternatives Table of Contents:

What is KnowEM?

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KnowEM is a search engine that helps business and brands look up their brand name across various social media type websites. Specifically, this search engine enables a user to be able to check brand and username availability across over 500 different social networks. This useful tool can help you find whether the name you want has already been taken, whether your current company or business branding is being used by someone else, and it can even help you find any fan accounts that associate themselves with your brand.

KnowEM labels itself as a “trademark protection service”, as well as a brand marketing platform. It can also be used as a social network, so it has a lot of good features from the start. The website is very clean-looking and user-friendly. Anyone should be able to easily navigate KnowEM.

A quick search of your brand’s name is completely free. You can search the most popular social networking sites without any hassle and find out if someone is using the name you want or the name you’re already using. KnowEM’s main sale point is asking the user if they’ve tried claiming their brand name on each social site themselves – hundreds of sites to register to. Instead of spending your own time doing this, KnowEM offers their services in different packages, depending on your needs.

KnowEM’s most inexpensive package is one for personal branding. With this, they will create your profile for you on the 25 most popular social sites. This isn’t for business branding, but for personal pages with a decent audience; and it costs just under $70. Alternatively, their Corporate Complete package allows you to completely rule your branding on 300 different sites for $649. They have two other packages in the $200 – $400 range.

The Top 3 KnowEM Alternatives for 2021:

Now that you know the basics of KnowEM and their price range, we’ll start looking at a few different alternatives. We’ve grouped together DandyID and as one service, because they work with each other and DandyID advertises on its homepage.

In the following sections, you’ll find our top alternative that’s free Namech_k, our top alternative that is cheaper than KnowEM, DandyID and, and the best alternative, which we’ll reveal at the very end of this piece.

Are There Any KnowEM Alternatives That Are Free?


Namech_k is a free service that allows you to check username availability on social networking sites. Unlike KnowEM’s options, Namech_k only looks at 122 of the most popular and most used social sites, and the service does not offer any additional services or brand monitoring.

This site is purely for quick-checking your wanted/chosen username across other websites that are typically used by those in touch with social media and social networking. It is, essentially, the most basic form of brand control possible.

The site is a little strange, and due to the layout and coloring, it looks a little like a no-domain site at first, or some kind of pop-up. The site works well but seems a bit off-putting. However, it’s extremely easy to use Namech_k, and the site explains your results in a way that anyone could understand.

Of course, it’s a free service, so there’s a donate button on the page and there are ads, too. But considering that it lets you check not only username availability across 122 social sites, but also domain name availability, it’s certainly worth checking out if you just want to know if your name is available on other websites.

What About Cheaper KnowEM Alternatives?


DandyID is a different kind of social networking service. Once you’ve signed up to DandyID, you will have a globally recognized profile that you’ll only need to fill out once. DandyID are aware of just how tedious signing up for new social profiles across various websites can be, which is why they set out to make it easier for you. This profile is accessible from any social networking site on their list and will automatically appear when you’re signing up to a new website. If any of your details change, you can just update them on DandyID, and every one of your social pages will update too – as long as they’re DandyID-enabled, that is.

DandyID is a single point that connects over 300 different websites and services that you can sign up to; including the most popular social media sites out there. Their goal is to make it simpler for you to manage your online identity. There are several DandyID tools and plug-ins available for users, and you can upgrade from a free user with limited services to a pro user, too.

The main difference between DandyID and sites like KnowEM and Namech_k, is that instead of allowing you to search for a username and/or claim it across different platforms, DandyID allows you to make signing up to social sites quicker. For the best results, you should use DandyID with another name-checker-type website before you get started with sharing out your brand identity.

Claim is advertised by DandyID. This site allows you to claim the name you use online across 300 different social media sites. By doing this, you will own a concrete social identity, and you can fight against brand name hijacking.

To use Claim, you will need to choose one of their packages and sign up. Once you’ve done that, you can leave the rest up to their team, who will register your brand name on between 100 and 300 different sites that host the most popular social networking services. Your username and URL will be completely yours, and they can even embed your logo and personal links into each of your accounts, where possible.

Prices for Claim start from $189 for 100 social site profiles. The most advantageous feature of Claim is that you can choose one user name, as well as three alternative user names; just in case your usual one is taken, but you don’t mind having a number or an extra letter etc. added to the end.

What Is The Best KnowEM Alternative?


yourbrand alternatives logo is by far the best KnowEM alternative available this year. You can search hundreds of social sites for your brand’s name or your username for free. No, you haven’t misread that – it’s completely free. You will have to log-in to get access to the full set of features that the website offers, but there are a number of things you can do without logging in.

Your Brand is an extremely professional-looking website; which is already strange considering that it’s a free service. Free websites are usually laden with advertisements and donate buttons and awkward pop-ups, but you won’t experience any of this with Your Brand. The website is user-friendly, and it’s obvious how to use it without looking for any kind of “How it works” guide. Just pop your username or brand name in the search box on the homepage and watch the magic of Your Brand as it finds out exactly which social networking sites are already using your name.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is yourbrand-homepage-image-1024x809.png

It won’t take long for Your Brand to gather your results even considering that it looks at hundreds of websites from its simple search, you can imagine the sheer number of sites that Your Brand compiles for an advanced search. Your Brand doesn’t just look at social networking sites, either, it also looks at other popular websites; such as eBay, Steam, and Instructables, to name a few.

As if that wasn’t enough, if you hover over the name of any website in Your Brand’s search function, it will tell you what the site’s name is and what it is typically used for or known for. This is such a helpful function when you’re trying to decide which websites to sign up to and clicking on the name of the website will take you straight to that website’s homepage. 

We highly recommend Your Brand if you’re looking for a way to control your brand while you’re socializing online.

Knowem Pros & Cons


*Still offers a lot of value
*Has done for you packages (although very expensive)

*Outdated and slow User Interface
*Doesn’t allow you to search all available social sites without paying
*Not using the most updated list of available social sites

Some more cons based on this Quora post when asked about Knowem

YourBrand Pros & Cons


*Largest database of social sites to search from
*Completely Free to Search once you register a free account
*Fast and Highly Accurate searches
*Very simple to use. Just search and click
*Very reasonable Done For You Packages

*None at this time
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  • I quite agree that one should register their brand name on these social properties before someone else does in order for you not to pay a crazy amount trying to get it back. Because definitely, such a person would want to sell it to you in such prices that he will be able to make very good money off it!

  • I still wonder why people register people’s brands on social sites in an attempt to mislead or for outright malicious activities. Well, good thing we have sites like which will allow you search and reserve brand names for free. Thanks a lot for this list. It sure comes in handy.

  • OneHourIndexing es el indexador que uso y funciona muy bien. Aunque es un poco alto, todavía ofrece todo lo que el sitio necesitará.

  • You did a very good job. I have been using KnowEm for a while now and it seems to not be what I want anymore. I’ll just go over these ones, especially YourBrand, and see which would serve me better than the former. Thanks for this.

  • Hi,
    I’ve tried to register at a couple of times – it didn’t work, I never received the email with validation link, and their help chatbot is not functioning at all, so no chance to get help or resend the email. Very frustrating and disappointing so far 🙁

    • Strange. I never had a problem…maybe just temporary…. Are you still having issues with getting signed up there?

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