How To Create A Positive Morning Routine You'll Stick To

How To Create A Positive Morning Routine You’ll Stick To

Creating a positive morning routine

What if I told you, you could make every morning a happy and positive one by creating an intentional routine?

There have been plenty of studies that conclude healthy morning rituals set the tone for how your day will pan out. If you study the habits of successful people, they all have this one thing in common.

Can we all agree that waking up late, snoozing the alarm, and running around in a frantic panic is not the best way to start the day?

Creating a positive morning routine is very personal and will be different for each of us. Although it’s inspirational to take a peek at every else’s morning routine, it’s important to set intentions that align with what you want and how you want to feel. Otherwise it just won’t have the same affect.

Many of us are busy taking care of others every day but your morning routine is your part of the day. It’s the time that allocate to yourself to fill your cup, and enable you to care for yourself.

We all want to put our all into work and family, but the more you give to others, the more you need to give back to yourself too.

How To Create A Positive Morning Routine You'll Stick To

What are the benefits of a morning routine?

A morning routine can help you with anything from feeling healthier, alleviating stress and anxiety, or becoming a more productive person.

Creating a morning routine will;

  • Put your in a better mood (and you are more likely to carry that with you the whole day)
  • Help you to wake up in the morning (you will be more motivated and have more direction)
  • Give you more energy (if you spend the time moving your body and eating a healthy breakfast)
  • Keep you more in touch with yourself (so you can avoid overwhelm and stress)
  • Make you more productive (studies show you are most productive in the morning)

It all comes down to mindset and believing that you deserve that time to care for yourself. Self care might be easy for some, but not all of us.

Self care is not self indulgent, it’s self preservation.

How do I plan my own positive morning routine?

Creating a morning routine can seem like a daunting task.

The thing to remember is your morning routine can be whatever you want it to be, from length of time, to what you do, to what time you wake up.

It doesn’t mean you need to wake up any earlier, you may prefer something like this 6 minute morning routine.

For starters, think about your intentions, how do you want your mornings to make you feel?

How do you want your morning routine to change your day? Do you want to be happier, or feel more productive?

Maybe you want to feel healthier or less anxious?

Take a look at these 7 components of self care for ideas on what would be beneficial for you.

How To Create A Positive Morning Routine You'll Stick To

Writing out your schedule

  1. Start by writing a list of acts you want to add to your morning routine that will help you to achieve those intentions. Make sure you start small to not overwhelm yourself.
  2. Write down why they are important to you, what are the benefits and how they will help you. How will it feel when you know you’ve stuck to your routine?
  3. Choose around 3 things to add to your routine and make a schedule – how long you will spend on each action and work out what time you will need to wake up in the morning. Make it realistic!

You can put your schedule somewhere you can see it to remind you, including your list of benefits to keep you motivated.

Daily rituals that can be helpful for all of us include; expressing gratitude, writing, healthy habits (eating a healthy breakfast and moving your body), and meditation.

If you struggle with waking up early, or don’t think you have the willpower, you might be thinking; ‘I need my sleep more!’ or ‘I have kids and there’s no time in my morning for me!’ then read this post about becoming a morning person.

How do I make sure I stick to my morning routine?

We often perceive habits and routine to be bad, restrictive, and hard work! It’s possibly something you can fail at, and many of us like to avoid that feeling. It doesn’t need to be that way, you should have every confidence in yourself to be happy and healthy. You deserve it.

Sticking to a morning routine does take discipline, but it shouldn’t seem daunting, or like another thing to add to your to-do list.

You need to develop a positive mindset towards your routine first of all.

Things to remember

  • A morning routine isn’t something you should have just because others tell you to do so, but something you want to do because you know it’s benefits
  • Your routine is yours, no one else’s and shouldn’t be compared to others
  • You can change it when you want to, if something isn’t working, switch it up – it shouldn’t feel like hard work
  • Start small – don’t add 7  things to your morning routine off the bat

By committing to these small acts, and doing them every day, you will soon start to develop good healthy habits.

The best way to do this is have a reminder or a trigger. For example, there are things we remember to do every morning  like brushing our teeth. Use these times as reminders to implement our new routines. For example, brush teeth – meditate, drink tea – write in journal.

Tracking your progress visually by ticking it off (on a calendar for example), will give you the motivation to keep going so keep a record. Keep in mind why you are doing your routine and it’s benefits.

Remember to check in with how you feel and whether your morning routine is working. If it isn’t then change it. Build a positive morning routine that works for you and changes your life in a good way.

How To Create A Positive Morning Routine You'll Stick To

Q: Do you have any worries about starting a morning routine and if so what are they? 

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