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Sape Links Network Alternative

When it comes to SEO, you can boost your website’s rank position in two ways: improve your website so that it is valuable and appealing to users (so-called onsite SEO) or increase its authority with links from external sources (off-site SEO). Ideally, you should combine both methods. It is not hard to figure out how to enhance your website – just post relevant and useful content, make the website visually pleasing and convenient to visitors and you should be good. The question is how to make other websites link to your digital platform. In fact, there are many ways to do so and Sape Links Network is one of them. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Maybe you should look for a Sape Links Network alternative? Let’s take a closer look at the service and other options you may want to give a shot.

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What is Sape Links Network

Sape Links Network is a marketplace for SEO experts and webmasters where you can sell or buy backlinks. The service is a useful source of high-quality (at least, this is what is promised) links that cover all the bases (in our case, niches). As of today, the network is comprised of about 700 000 websites, all eager to post your link in a footer, sidebar, or the top of their home pages.

sape links network alternative

Sounds great on paper, doesn’t it? There is a catch, though. Most of the websites on Sape Links Network are from non-English countries. This comes as no surprise given the fact that the service was originally launched in Russia. They do have websites in English but their number is far from the advertised ‘700 000’. Plus, you will have to pay extra if you desire to fetch a link exclusively from English-speaking platforms.

One more thing, the service allows for up to 10 outbound links from each website. In our opinion, 10 is a little bit too much. Such a heavy outbound linking may result in a red flag raised by the search engines. If Google decides that a website is spammy, a reference obtained from it will lose all its value.

Is There a Sape Links Network Alternative for 2019?

The said above may push you to look for a Sape Links Network alternative. We have no doubt that you will find a plethora of link building services but are they worth it? If you seek safety, tangible results, and the ability to manage your link building tactics as you please, there is only one worthy service –

real site links alternative to sape links

Why is it better? RealSiteLinks meticulously checks all websites before adding them to their database. It is done to sift out PBNs, low authority, and spammy websites. The service accepts only real websites from real website owners that are indexed in Google and have low OBL (outbound links). Unlike Sape Links Network, RealSiteLinks permits only three links on every website meaning your source won’t get spammy.

Opting for RealSiteLinks, you can select which sites to use for external linking, how many, and for how long. The service provides metrics and categories so that you can effortlessly choose a relevant niche and website quality that meets your requirements. Contrary to Sape Links Network, you are able to acquire every link individually instead of purchasing a package of at least 25 references of the same quality. Thus, you can make use of diverse sources and even drip feed your backlinks so that the whole process of link building looks natural in Google’s eyes.

Are there any Sape Links Network Alternatives That are Free?

Strictly saying, there are a few alternatives that are conditionally free. For example, you can create a profile of your business on one of web directories and link a chosen anchor to your website. As you may have already guessed, this method is very time consuming since you need to sign up, verify your email, and create content for your profile. However, the biggest drawback of this method is that it doesn’t really work in 2019. Such directories have lost their value and some of them are deemed as ‘junky’. With a link from such a questionable source, you will achieve the opposite result – instead of boosting your ranking in Google, you are likely to get a penalty.

Guest posting is another popular way to obtain a backlink but it is not deprived of shortcomings. You will have to manually contact blog owners and ask if they will accept a post from you on a free basis. If you reach out to a hundred bloggers you will likely to only find a few that agree to feature your link. Needless to say, this strategy is not effective time-wise. Moreover, you will have to hire someone or spend even more time on writing content for a blog.

Another strategy you can use to get a free reference is broken link building. You will have to rake through the Internet hunting down websites with broken links. Then you will need to contact a website owner, point out that there is a broken link, and suggest replacing it with a working link to your website. Does this method work? Yes, it does but is it fast and easy? Not at all.

The bottom line is that there are free Sape Links Network alternatives but they are practically useless if you are short on patience or want to achieve substantial results in little to no time.

What about cheaper Sape Links Network Alternatives?

Sape Links Network’s packages start from $77 per month for 25 homepage links from DA/PA and TF/CF 10+ sites. This doesn’t sound particularly expensive but you can get backlinks even cheaper than that. RealSiteLinks, for instance, doesn’t impose any plans with a fixed number of links meaning you can buy as many as you want within your budget. The prices start from $3 per link so 25 links will cost $75. This is about the same as Sape Links Network charges for the Silver package. But what if you want to purchase only 10, or 30, or, let’s say, 70 links? With RealSiteLinks, the number of links you rent may vary as you please while the competitor obliges you to buy 25, 50, 100 or 200 links. Thus, RealSiteLinks is a much more flexible and cost-conscious Sape Links Network alternative.

What is The Best Sape Links Network Alternative?

The question of whether there is a better option for this service comes up again and again. Many people also wonder if their is a similar option for the US market and not just Russia. The .ru network and other such sites have dominated the industry for years, but if you want something safer you do have another choice that offers tremendous power.

If you seek a way to acquire high-quality external links from websites you can trust, RealSiteLinks is a commendable service. Not only does it transcend Sape Links Network in terms of safety, quality of websites provided, and ease of use, but also it allows adjusting the number of external sources you utilize. It is also a cheaper alternative to Sape Links Network, which is highly beneficial for SEO experts on a shoestring budget.

Sape Links Network Pros & Cons


*Works well if you don’t get caught
*Very large network

*very high risk
*Spammy Russian Network
*Often targeted by Google for a crackdown
*Complicated to setup

Real Site Links Pros & Cons


*Great reviews
*Very easy to setup website and anchor text
*Low outbound links
*Easy to filter by Trust Flow and Domain Authority

*Limited Supply for some niches
*Not all types of websites allowed
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by Jacob on Real Site Links
Great Alternative

Great post. I've been looking for something else to use besides Sape Links via the sape links network website. I just find that the quality has gone way down and RSL is exactly what I have been looking for. thanks


  • Very interesting. Long time SEO here and this is something I will definitely look into. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  • RealSiteLinks sounds like a great alternative to Sape. I like having the ability to buy as many links as I want instead of having to buy a package. I’ve set up an account with RSL and am trying out the service slowly, only $9 a month to see how it goes. I’m in the entertainment category and will check my keywords on google to follow my sites progress. Thanks for the information!

  • Nope. Sape links network is obviously not advisable, especially with the way Google is taking spammy sites very serious and almost penalizing sites they link to. Save yourself from a negative hit from Google and flee from Sape links. Besides, a good number of its sites aren’t English.

  • Huh? Only one worthy backlink service? Well, that’s not entirely fair! But I love their process. It’s quite easy and doesn’t smell fishy so you are sure your site won’t get slammed by Google for getting links considered unsafe.

  • This sure shows that I’ve got a lot to do about getting backlinks. I’ll try some of the free methods suggested here and see which ones will favor me most since they all require some patience and time. Thanks so much for putting this together!

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