7 Inspiring Self Care Components That Will Boost Your Well-being

7 Inspiring Self Care Components That Will Boost Your Well-being

7 self care components for improved well-being

Are you are looking for ways to add a bit more self care to your life? Or ideas for a self care routine? I have listed 75 self care ideas you can do here, but today I am going into the different aspects of self care and well-being.

Creating balance in our lives is something that needs to be worked at, even if it is hard to commit to giving ourselves that attention. There are so many benefits of self care, including making us feel happier and healthier.

Self care can be broken down into 7 different area’s and there are simple things you can do for each to boost your well-being. Questioning which area’s need more attention will help you to create a more focused self care routine.

7 Inspiring Self Care Components That Will Boost Your Well-being

Physical Self Care

Physical self care is something that directly contributes to our bodies health. For example, healthy habits such as eating healthy, excersize and adequate sleep.

If you are feeling worn out, sluggish, or keep suffering from illness, you may need to improve your physical self care.

Focusing on this will make you feel healthier, and give you more energy.

Some ideas you can add to your routines include;

  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Going for a jog
  • Going to a weekly work out class
  • Doing yoga every morning
  • Preparing for a restful, full nights sleep

Mental Self Care

Mental self care is the relationship we have with our minds and our ability to think positively.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed or are struggling to break a negative thought pattern, these activities will be beneficial to you.

  • Daily positive affirmations
  • Writing your thoughts in a journal
  • Expressing gratitude for things in your life
  • Meditation
  • Learning breathing techniques to de-stress
  • Listening to soothing music to calm a busy mind

Emotional Self Care

Emotional self care is the understanding we have with our emotions.

It is important to have a caring relationship with our emotions as well as thoughts. If they are negative or positive.

You could improve your emotional well-being by;

  • Spending time alone to listen to your own thoughts
  • Meditation
  • Respecting your emotions, but knowing you can let them go if you choose to
  • Starting to be aware of things you say to yourself – be kind!
  • Identifying triggers to your emotions
  • Learning how to accept yourself

7 Inspiring Self Care Components That Will Boost Your Well-being

Spiritual Self Care

Spiritual self care is the awareness and understanding we have with other people and the world. Pay attention to your spiritual well-being by;

  • Contributing to the well-being of others by volunteering or random acts of kindness
  • Honing in on your values and priorities  by writing in a journal
  • Inspiring yourself by reading inspirational or spiritual books

Intellectual Self Care

Intellectual self care comes down to how much time you spend educating yourself and fuelling your mind.

It keeps the mind ticking, and gives us focus and a sense of purpose.

Things you can do include;

  • Taking an online class
  • Learning a new language
  • Reading informational blogs and books

Social Self Care

Social self care is committing to having enough interaction with other people.

Is just as important to keeping our brain healthy as healthy eating and getting enough sleep.

Make sure to be regularly;

  • Catching up with friends
  • Having a meal with your family
  • Volunteering or attending a club

Practical Self Care

It may seem odd to include this as self care, but often when things aren’t done or the house is a mess, it can cause stress and is detrimental to our well-being.

Simple things like getting through your to-do list and creating happy spaces all contribute to positive well-being.

Practical things that will improve well-being include;

  • Simplifying your to-do list
  • De-cluttering your space
  • Doing your food shop
  • A 10 minute power clean
  • Changing your bed sheets

These are 7 components which are all closely linked and just as important as each other. However, your balance will be unique to you and you may be already achieving many of these things. Pick 1-2 that you think you need to put more focus on and try some self care this week!

7 Inspiring Self Care Components That Will Boost Your Well-being

Q: Which components do you find the hardest to make time for?

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